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Seminars in Training, Rehab and Pain Therapy

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Sept. 24, Toronto, Ont. – MSK-Plus invites
chiropractors to its accredited programs in training, rehabilitation and pain
therapy.  Courses are scheduled for
fall 2012 and will be held in Toronto. 
Practicing chiropractors and students are welcome – CEUs are available
for DCs.

MSK-Plus has designed continuing education seminars for
musculoskeletal professionals to enhance delivery of clinical services while
increasing client base.  Course
offerings include:


Ultrasound/ IFC/TENS/NMES

These seminars will be held on Saturday November 10, from
8:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m., and on Sunday November 11, from 8:30 a.m. -3:00 p.m at
MSK-Plus facilities, 355 Eglinton Ave E, in Toronto.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe
    the absolute contraindications of Electrical Stimulation / therapeutic
  • Describe
    the relative precautions of Electrical Stimulation / therapeutic
  • Describe
    the indications for basic and special applications of Electrical
    Stimulation therapy /therapeutic ultrasound;
  • Construct
    a patient care plan for the each of the basic applications for Electrical
    Stimulation (analgesic effects, muscle relaxing effects) and therapeutic
    ultrasound (thermal / non thermal effects);
  • Construct
    a patient care plan for the special applications for Electrical
    Stimulation machines (strengthening, re-education) and therapeutic
    ultrasound (phonophoresis and calcific tendinopathies);
  • Administer
    Electrical stimulation and therapeutic ultrasound for therapeutic purposes
    using a diverse array of application techniques (self adhesive pads,
    carbon electrode pads, stainless steel/suction pads and Gel/water baths);
  • Modify
    a patient care plan for therapeutic electrical stimulation  / therapeutic ultrasound to
    accommodate relative patient precautions;
  • Compare
    and contrast differences in professional therapeutic electrical
    stimulation / therapeutic ultrasound machines;
  • Test
    an Electrical stimulation / therapeutic ultrasound machine to ensure it is


Dr. Craig Liebenson – The Rehab Continuum – Stability to
Performance from Head to Toe

In this course, learners will explore the following topics:

  • Gravity,
    workplace design flaws and training myths: A Postural Conspiracy;
  • The
    Overhead Athlete: Should they crawl before they throw?;
  • The
    Hip-Shoulder Kinetic Chain and Scapular Dyskinesis;
  • Chops
    and Lifts: The Core-Upper Quarter Connection;
  • The
    Best Way to Extend the Mid- Thoracic Spine is….;
  • The
    Sternal “Crunch” and “Packing” Your Neck;
  • What
    is the Most Important Movement Pattern?;
  • Janda’s
    Movement Patterns – The orofacial-foot connection;
  • Why
    Not Being Able to Hold Your Head Up Can Be a Pain in the Neck; and
  • The
    Challenging Pain Patient: Inflammation versus Sensitization.

Please visit the MSK-Plus website at for more details
about these and other MSK-Plus seminars, including registration/early-bird
information, CEU ratings, course dates and more.


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