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The Empowered Patient Conference in B.C.

Maria DiDanieli   


Sept. 10, Nanaimo, BC – On Saturday, November 7th, 2009, from 9:00am –
4:30pm, the Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo BC
will open its doors for the first annual The Empowered Patient

Held in conjunction with Canadian Patient Safety week, organizers
of this conference hope to help attendees learn how to play a meaningful role
in their health care decisions by developing the knowledge to advocate
for themselves within the health care system.” 

The driving concept behind the conference is “Including the
patient in patient safety.”


Why hold this conference?

A Canadian
Adverse Events Study reported that up to 23,750 deaths
attributable to medical error occur each year in
Canadian acute care hospitals. The same study estimated
that 7.5 per cent of patients admitted to acute care hospitals become more ill,
are injured, or die because of medical errors that are caused by health care
delivery rather than the patient’s underlying medical condition.

are just some of the incidences and concerns, in our current health care environment, that
bring the issue of patient safety to the forefront for Canadians. 

Empowered Patient Conference is a one day event where attendees will develop
the skills and confidence to advocate for themselves through learning about our
health care system from various perspectives.  Attendees will hear from a
range of speakers who are helping patients to improve safety.  They will leave
empowered, knowing what to do and what to say to get the health care that each
individual deserves.

Diverse speakers who are helping patients to improve safety

  • Keynote
    Speaker Dr. Julia Hallisy
     – Founder and author of The Empowered Patient       
  • Keynote
    Speaker Helen Haskell
    – Founder and president of Mothers Against Medical Errors 
  • Alan
     – Drug policy researcher at the University of Victoria,
    co-author of Selling Sickness
  • Dr. Malcolm Maclure – Health services
    epidemiologist and British Columbia Chair in Patient Safety 
  • Dr. Don Nixdorf – Executive Director
    of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association / College of Chiropractors of
    British Columbia, Co-author of Squandering
    Billions – Healthcare in Canada.
  • Susan Precious – Lawyer with Branch
    MacMaster Barristers & Solicitors
  • Dr. Raymond Shred – Registered
    Psychologist,  Professional Psychology Corporation

 Who should attend?

This event is appropriate for patients and caregivers, members of the public and business
community, consumers of conventional and alternative health care, anyone living
with chronic health conditions, health care advocates, and those individuals
interested in making empowered health care a reality.

Support Canadian
Patient Safety Week 

DCs are being called upon to advocate for patient safety
within their own profession, and are being invited to educate patients
so that they may better understand the health care system to which they entrust
the well-being of themselves and their families.  

By supporting Canadian Patient Safety Week (November 2-6)
with simple efforts such as a banner, a newsletter entry telling patients about
the conference – perhaps local DCs could consider holding a draw for two
tickets to attend – or guiding them to websites that describe how their own
provinces are participating in this week, DCs can raise awareness of the
practitioners and citizens who are involved in working toward greater patient
safety within our health care system. 

Tickets available through The
Port Theatre 250-754-8550

For more information email:

Tickets $75.00 (includes lunch)


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