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Book Reviews: February 2011

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Discover Wellness – How staying healthy can make your life rich (Canadian Edition) By Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Jason A. Deitch with Dr. Shaelyn Osborn and Dr. Heather Jones

Pearls of Wisdom – Pure and Powerful, by Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock

Delicious Detox, By Dr. Carol Morley


Discover Wellness – How staying healthy can make your life rich (Canadian Edition)
By Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Jason A. Deitch with Dr. Shaelyn Osborn and Dr. Heather Jones


Based on the American best-seller by the same name, the Canadian version of Discover Wellness – How staying healthy can make your life rich reunites authors Bob Hoffman and Jason A. Deitch as they contribute to Drs. Shaelyn Osborn and Heather Jones’ refreshing overview of Canada’s health-care crisis. The authors don’t stop at identifying problems, but offer evidence to support their central concept that many elements contributing to these problems are, in fact, reversible and/or preventable. Furthermore, state Osborn and Jones, individual Canadians can make real and significant contributions to improving their health and the current state of the health-care system.

Drs. Osborn and Jones embarked on this project fuelled with enthusiasm for Hoffman and Deitch’s model, wanting to convert its details to reflect Canadian realities. In the book, Jones and Osborn outline some of the key issues facing health care in Canada, right now, in order to explain where changes can be made. They point out that our health-care system is, contrary to the popular misconception, not free. Furthermore, the excessive funds that are being extracted – in the form of taxes, etc. – from each of us are actually being used to finance expensive, but essentially ineffective, solutions to preventable problems. Finally, the authors suggest that all individuals have the responsibility to their community and their country to actively exercise prevention and optimal wellness, a strategy that not only contributes to overall quality of life, but can lead to reduced health-care costs.

Jones and Osborn present seven current epidemic lifestyle diseases and describe how these are preventable. In each chapter outlining a disease, the authors also explain what the expenditure is, to individual Canadians annually, as a result of current treatments utilized for that disease. They go on to show how bringing these costs down, primarily through prevention strategies, could, in fact, have a positive effect on each person’s wealth, as well as health. Well aware that their approach represents an appreciable shift in people’s perspectives, Jones and Osborn lay out manageable steps forward into wellness in a way that is sustainable, but produces encouraging results.

As the authors of both the U.S. and Canadian editions of the book are doctors of chiropractic, a description of chiropractic treatment, and how it can have a positive bearing on lifestyle-related diseases facing our respective countries today, is a feature of both editions. This section discusses the importance of alignment and is laid out in an easy-to-understand manner – appealing to the lay reader as well as to clinicians who wish to harness it in order to educate their patients – and reflects all styles of chiropractic practice.

Special sections by prominent wellness experts, including such renowned chiropractors as Dennis Perman and Gerard Clum, enhance the body of work in the book. As well, a section detailing the various types of health-care practitioners with whom an individual may want to align to enhance his/her wellness strategies is provided. The purpose of this is to help readers educate themselves in the choices they have to build a health-care team that is optimal for their needs.

Discover Wellness – How staying healthy can make your life rich outlines a practical approach to reducing health-care costs by preventing lifestyle diseases. By bringing the message of wellness home in such a close and personal manner, and by using Canadian statistics and information, Drs. Jones and Osborn leave the reader with the clear understanding that solving our health-care problems is not in the hands of an elected and distant few – nor the domain of one or another discipline – but is indisputably a job that we can all work on together.

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Pearls of Wisdom – Pure and Powerful
by Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock


My assignment, as I saw it, was simple and straightforward – I was to read Pearls of Wisdom – Pure and Powerful by Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock and formulate questions for her to address in what was to be a fairly standard interview. Not long into my actual meeting with her, however, I felt things were taking a turn that I could only consider disastrous. My role, in this type of interview, is to invite, and then allow, the author to speak – to express the book’s purpose and to ignite its message – so that I can then, in turn, carry the flame to potential readers. But, instead, I found myself doing an inordinate amount of the talking with Dr. Liz asking the questions. Not only was this inappropriate, but my brain balked while my vocal apparatus continued to defy my mandate. How was I to define the essence of the book if I didn’t give its author the right-of-way to speak! I left the interview feeling sheepish for having caused Dr. Liz to endure my ramblings. To boot, in the follow-up emails that transpired between us, she suggested I include some of those thoughts, that I had expressed to her during the interview, in my review of the book. And that’s when it hit me. Dr. Liz’s desire to inspire her readers to reflect on their own experiences, convictions, and purpose, and then draw – from what they discover in those reflections – the strength and direction to go out and realize their goals, is the essence of the book and of its author.

Structurally, the book is a collection of chapters by prominent and spirit-popping women doctors of chiropractic. Each contribution is minimally edited, to maximize its authenticity. Bullets highlighting salient points are identified at the end of each chapter – their purpose is to offer the reader direction in personal development based on that writer’s account of her own experiences. Dr. Liz notes that some chapters are analytical, some emotional, some integrative – together, they paint a panoramic picture of the profession, and offer insights for its practitioners while profiling its celebrated women members.

Dr. Anderson-Peacock, who brought the contributors together, and lends the book its educational dimension, also explores her own experiences in a chapter titled after her mantra, “response-ability,” a term she uses to inspire all of us to lend our voice. Herself a DC, she chose to gather women authors in order to capture – and inspire through – their inherently holistic and collaborative essence as well as to highlight a professional demographic whose practice and lifestyle necessarily diverge from traditional models. She hopes the book will foster solidarity among women professionals by sharing the triumphs that can ensue from common challenges. However, says Dr. Liz, the soul knows no gender or profession. Therefore, the stories in the book are meant to also harness Universal Law and resonate for people in all walks of life, calling to individuals to aspire to reach their own potential, and not let any apparent limitations hold them back.

Pearls of Wisdom – Pure and Powerful is a moving journey through the lives of real people who have succeeded in finding their own (in Dr. Liz’s words) “creative harmony” in their daily commitments as healers, mothers, friends and colleagues. As a package, it also embodies Dr. Liz’s mission to fulfil her own response-ability to lend her voice. It does so, however, without actually highlighting Dr. Liz herself, but in a way that draws others, including the reader, to contribute him/herself in order for the experience to be complete for us all.

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– Reviews by Maria DiDanieli

Delicious Detox

By Dr. Carol Morley


Naturopathic doctor Carol Morley presents Delicious Detox, a unique new cookbook that will give health-conscious cooks the recipes and information they need to prepare delicious, healthy meals.

Morley believes a three-week detox is a great way to clean the body of toxins and allergens.

Maja Markovich, a registered holistic nutritionist, comments on detoxifcation.

“Like cleaning the dust bunnies out from under the couch, we too need to do our own internal housekeeping,” says Markovich.

“If you are feeling tired, sluggish, stressed, foggy minded, headachey, poor skin, weight issues, constipated or irritable, these can all be signs that your body is overloaded with toxins, and is in need a good deep clean. It has always amazed me just how much we see these symptoms as ‘normal’.

“There are many reasons our bodies become overloaded with toxins – having poor digestion and intestinal function are two of these, but it’s almost never the product of just one thing. An accumulation of toxins in the body creates an imbalance. Also, if you are taking medications on a regular basis, or are in contact with chemicals, these things can accumulate and add to the overload. The liver has over 500 different functions in the body – one of which is detoxification. Knowing this, the importance of keeping the liver functioning optimally becomes pretty clear.

“Detoxification involves cleaning up the daily diet and nurturing the body with fresh foods that can help to speed up digestion and eliminate toxins in the body. The end result is a more efficient metabolism, weight-loss, healthier skin, more energy, a clearer mind and happier organs! You just feel better!”

The book’s recipes have been developed by Morley in her family’s own kitchen and tried by many of her clinic’s patients.

Clinically, post-detox, patients typically report: a boost in energy, decrease in pain, improved digestion, identification of food sensitivities and/or increased focus and concentration.

Delicious Detox is published by Otterville Press, and is available online at

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