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Chiro’s Care Charity Poised to Impact

By Kristine Nyhout   


Nov.15, 2008, Toronto – You may not yet have heard of Chiro’s
but if Tyler Damen, a third year chiropractic student at Canadian
Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), has his way, you’ll soon know all about
this new charity and its goals.

In fact, Damen plans to educate chiropractors
across North America about Chiro’s Care. That may sound like a
considerable challenge, to the rest of the population, but Damen knows a little
something about meeting a challenge and rising above it.

There is something about significant adversity
that seems to reshape an individual’s view of the world. Many people, surviving
a life-threatening illness come away from the experience with a new-found
appreciation for life. A few even rise up from the experience with, what
appears to outsiders, to be a mandate to radically alter some aspect of their
world. Such is the case with Damen. Having battled melanoma that had spread
from a mole on his back to his lymph nodes, he surfaced from the experience
with a new-found goal. His brainchild, Chiro’s
, will work to educate chiropractors across North
America on how to recognize melanoma and other skin cancers. With
a current risk of one in seven Canadians developing skin cancer, chances are
that most people will somehow be touched by the disease. Chiro’s Care will also raise funds to donate to The Princess
Margaret Hospital Foundation in Toronto
for melanoma research, and for the care of patients battling the disease.


With the backing of CMCC, his oncologist, dermatologist,
family physician and a host of fellow students, Tyler Damen and the charity are
already poised to take flight. The initial fundraising activity for the charity
is the sale of Chiro’s Care T-shirts.  An education manual for chiropractors is
already being produced and will be available in the months to come.

For more information about the manuals, or ordering Chiro's Care T-shirts , please visit


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