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DCs return from Olympic games

Maria DiDanieli   


March 12,
Vancouver, BC –
The 2010 Vancouver winter Olympic games and
events are over and Canada
certainly learned that it has every right to “believe”! Triumphs came in the
form of medals by several formidable athletes, but were also shared by those who
coached and conditioned them for those moments of glory.   In this Olympiad, those who shared in the triumph included a
number of doctors of chiropractic.

The memories
from these winter games will live on for years to come.  For chiropractic, the impact of DCs working
in the games’ Host Medical Services, for the first time, will be far-reaching. As
well, several chiropractors were present and working with various Canadian athletes
in a number of sports categories – this was also the case for teams from other



Dr. Greg
Uchacz, president of the College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences of Canada, who
worked with Canadian bobsled and skeleton teams during the games, comments that
he finds it good to be home, and will be enjoying spending time with his
family.  However, he acknowledges that
these games were a highlight for the profession of chiropractic, representing
years of work with the athletes, and other practitioners, to establish the
profession as a major force in sports medicine. 


Look for
a full interview with Dr. Uchacz, as well as other DCs who have been involved
with Olympic chiropractic services, in the upcoming April issue of Canadian
Chiropractor Magazine.  We will examine
the Olympic journey, as experienced by the profession of chiropractic over the
past several years, and ask what the next steps in that journey might be.

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