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Editor’s Note: October 2006

By David Stubbs   

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Too often in life, unexpected events pop up and bite us in the, er,
behind.  With luck, harm can sometimes be averted if the threat is
first spotted in our field of vision.

Too often in life, unexpected events pop up and bite us in the, er, behind.  With luck, harm can sometimes be averted if the threat is first spotted in our field of vision.  Rising research star Dr. Jean-Sébastien Blouin and his colleagues in Vancouver have been studying this sort of phenomenon from a neurophysiological perspective.  The implications of the “startle response” might well alter how whiplash is scientifically and legally understood as well as prevented.

Dr. Blouin’s recent appointment to a full-time professorship within the School of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia symbolizes a portal to possibilities for chiropractic, carrying the promise of a higher level of collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching and research.


As Canadians, we expect fresh, inspired and aware innovation to arise out of the West.  A place of breathtaking beauty, and gateway to the bustling economies and exotic cultures of the Pacific Rim, Vancouver and its surrounding region will play host to the world during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. 

This year, from November 16 to 18, 2006, the city will welcome delegates to the Canadian Chiropractic Convention.  (To savour the magnificent live view from the hotel, go to, and click onto their Web cam; also check out to be wowed by the convention’s four-track program, top-notch speakers, quality entertainment and trade show.) You can conveniently register, or even shop online for bags and sportswear emblazoned with the convention logo.  There will be prizes to be won, such as a fabulous 10-day trip for two next February on ChiroCruise’s southern Caribbean voyage, with an optional onboard continuing education seminar.  Watch for convention coverage in the next issue of this magazine.

Though this unprecedented event is enticing on its own, Tourism Vancouver suggests other activities.

Depending on your lifestyle, you might choose to sit on a park bench at Dundarave Pier or Kitsilano Beach and watch cruise ships sail by, or jog the Stanley Park Seawall (10.5 kilometres/ 6.5 miles).

In this issue, we say goodbye to a friend.  Lifelong Vancouverite Dr. Patrick Foran passionately devoted nearly half a century to his patients and his profession, as well as to his family, faith and community.  A member of this magazine’s editorial advisory board, Dr. Foran phoned a few weeks ago with shocking news: his condition was terminal.  The poignant conversation ended with a clumsy “Hope to see you when we’re in Vancouver at the convention,” to which he replied, “If I’m still here.”  Sadly, he won’t be.  Dr. Foran passed away on September 19.

Lastly, please make the effort to vote for one of the five worthy candidates who have been nominated for the Independent Chiropractor of the

Year Award.  In addition to faxed-in balloting (Page 48), online voting is available at  We would like to hear from each one of you.•

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