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FCER grant to study the Status of Chiropractic Pediatric Care

Maria DiDanieli   

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The Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research
(FCER) is pleased and excited to announce the beginning of a new FCER grant
project that will focus
on the status of research and expert consensus in chiropractic care for the
pediatric patient.

Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD, will be the principle investigator for this study.  In addition to Dr. Hawk, the paper will be co-authored by Michael Schneider, DC,
PhD(cand); Randy Ferrance, DC, MD; and Ronald Rupert, DC, MS.

Children are an important but little studied group within the chiropractic
patient population, with approximately 18 percent of chiropractic patients being under
the age of eighteen years of age. This group is also increasingly susceptible to back pain and
other musculoskeletal as well as other general health concerns. It is therefore imperative
that the chiropractic profession examine all of the relevant research available
for this patient population to determine the most effective way to approach
these young patients.


It is also necessary to determine what is not known so
that future research can fill the gaps in knowledge.

The expert consensus
will provide practitioners with what is currently known—via evidence and
practice experience—about the chiropractic care of children. It is essential
that children who receive chiropractic care benefit from their chiropractors
having access to a document that clearly outlines the best possible chiropractic
care of children.

“The chiropractic treatment of children is a subject
that lacks much scientific documentation and yet it is the very absence of such
documentation that necessitates a ‘first step’ in the process of accumulating
such evidence,” said Reed B. Phillips, DC, PhD, FCER Director of International
Programs and Research Development.

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