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Mari-Len De   

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The idea of a feature focusing on concussion came to me after watching the PBS documentary League of Denial, released in October 2013, highlighting the debilitating and sometimes deadly consequences of concussions to NFL athletes and how the sport organization has managed for a long time to downplay – even deny – this epidemic in the sporting world.

Several magazine issues later, the idea is now printed on paper. In this issue of Canadian Chiropractor, we put special attention on concussion and concussion management.

In writing the cover story, the journalist in me wanted to explore the human element, tell the story from the athletes’ point of view – the challenges, struggles and triumphs of people living through the dark consequences of multiple brain injuries. We did that, as you will find in the cover story on page 24.

However, as I did the interviews for the article, the story took a different route. Our cover feature is more than just the story of concussed athletes. It also tells the perspective of the health-care providers and the researchers who are touched by this life-changing condition through their work. These doctors, in their own ways, are trying to make a difference in the lives of athletes and other concussion patients.


One of the challenges for doctors when it comes to concussion and its treatment is the many unknowns about this condition, and the illnesses it is causing in the long run – physically and mentally.

Things are changing for the better, however.

New evidence is emerging around effective concussion management, the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration and the role chiropractors can play in dealing with this condition. Stakeholders – athletes, parents, coaches, sports organizations and health-care providers – are also more vigilant and increasingly focused on prevention and treatment protocols.

Most importantly, concussion management is turning out to be yet another opportunity through which doctors of chiropractic can demonstrate their expertise in health care and their commitment to patient care.

So read on. I hope you will find the articles contained in our special concussion focus both informative and inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring, we received some great nominations for our first-ever Canadian Chiropractor INSPIRE Awards. Thank you to all who submitted nominations on behalf of the chiropractors who have inspired them, in one way or another. Watch for our February 2015 issue, where we will be profiling the winners.

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