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Dec. 2, New
York, NY –  Peter Morgan, DC, founder of
Mission-Chiropractic, is gathering chiropractors to help on Mission-Chiropractic’s
mission trips
to Haiti –  Jan 2-5, 2010 – and the Dominican Republic –
Jan 6-10, 2010.

this year, a team of ten chiropractors, three chiropractic students, three
chiropractic advocates and one chiropractic office manager brought chiropractic
care and humanitarian supplies to the people of Cuba.


Dr. Peter Morgan led the five-day mission to the communist nation at a time
when new hope was emerging among the Cuban residents. The group made new
friendships and brought home a better understanding of the plight of people on
the island. It’s believed to have been the first successful major chiropractic
mission ever to visit Cuba. 

stayed in a beautiful hotel overlooking Havana’s
majestic harbor,” says Dr. Morgan of this trip. 
“We spent the first day like typical tourists, eating at great
restaurants and even watching Cuban soldiers, dressed in the uniforms of
British redcoats, performing a curfew time firing of the canon, as they did
when the British captured Havana in 1762.”

”But,” continues Morgan, “the following day, we set aside our tourist hats and
went to work on our chiropractic mission. We boarded a ferry that took us
across the harbour to Regla, a poorer part of the island, completely different
from the downtown tourist area of ‘Old Havana’”. 

arrived about 8 a.m. and were met by a large group of local residents who had
put on their ‘Sunday best’ clothes for us. They had been waiting patiently to
see the chiropractors.” 

“We had
not been allowed to bring portable chiropractic tables into Cuba, but our
hosts had made a number of tables for us and set them up in several rooms of
the converted church building.” 

“The next
day, part of our team was driven out to the countryside about an hour outside Havana. We set up
adjusting rooms in the small church and attached house. Many of the Cubans
living in the home had severe disabilities. The beds were simple slabs of wood,
many without a pillow or even a cover. The floors were manufactured by the
pastor in order to make more room for the people who lived there.” 

“What an
incredible experience I had in Cuba,”
is the comment of one of the team doctors on the Cuba mission. “They were five of
the most meaningful days of my life. We were humbled to see many chiropractic
miracles while we were there. We saw God working through us, as we taught and
adjusted in Havana and Regla, Cuba.”

The Cuba trip was one of a
number of humanitarian efforts by Mission-Chiropractic, which has also brought
chiropractic care to poor communities in Central America and the Caribbean,
including Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Trips to
Ethiopia and Ghana are also scheduled
for 2010.

To help fund the missions, Mission-Chiropractic has partnered with Mission Life
International and “7 Weeks to Wellness Ministry” to create an evangelistic
health ministry geared to generating new patients.

Doctors and students interested in learning more about the Mission-Chiropractic
trips, or the new program, should contact Dr. Peter Morgan at and visit


Source, The Chiropractic Journal,
November 2009 issue

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