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Wellness Mat becomes Smart Step

Maria DiDanieli   


Sept. 29, Troy, MI – In an effort
to streamline its growing operations, the Wellness
Mat brand, a division of Smart Step Therapeutic Flooring,
announces today that it will consolidate its healthcare division from Wellness
Mat to Smart Step, effective immediately.

Smart Step is the umbrella brand for all of the company’s
commercial, government, industrial and spa entities and is the backbone of the
company’s anti-fatigue mat operations. 


Since its inception, Wellness Mat has evolved into numerous
referral and sell-through programs across the healthcare industry through the recommendations
of healthcare professionals nationwide. These unparalleled anti-fatigue mats
are in
rising demand in part because they
surpass the industry’s rigorous standards for health and safety excellence. 

As demand for the product has increased, there has been growing speculation about the company’s
ability to maintain differentiation between the Smart Step and the WellnessMat brands.
In order to mitigate any potential for misguided brand positioning, the
decision was made to consolidate The Wellness Mat under the Smart Step brand.
As such, the Wellness Mat division receives added benefit and brand caché from
the name change due to the success of Smart Step and their growing industry
leadership, market share acquisition and name recognition. 

“This consolidation allows us to streamline our efforts and
control costs, allowing us to better serve all of our customers, streamline
manufacturing efficiencies and localize our distribution channels – all the
while eliminating the potential for confusion between the brands,” says Smart
Step Chairman and CEO, Daniel Bouzide. 

“It’s all in support of our long-term plan for growth and
profitability; our goal is to better serve the end-user while making it easier
for our distribution channels to operate successfully,” continues Bouzide. 

“By acting now, we avoid the possibility of alienating our loyal
customers and channel partners – and we are committed to assisting in easing
the adjustment.” 

In an effort to expedite the change for distributors, providers
and their patients, Smart Step will deliver new marketing materials and a
detailed description of all changes. In addition, they are in the process of
updating their website during this transitional period. 

You may learn more about the new Smart Step Healthcare Mats by
contacting Michael Tsokur at (800) 981
4979 or .


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