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Back to Basics: May 2009

By Barbara Sturm DC   

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Happiness and wellness are very interconnected. Let’s ingest some
nuggets of life nutrition together. “Happily Ever After” intersects all
of our lives.


Happiness and wellness are very interconnected. Let’s ingest some nuggets of life nutrition together. “Happily Ever After” intersects all of our lives. Some of you reading this may say, “But, Dr. Barbara, you don’t understand my life…you don’t understand my circumstances …my ‘story’ is awful…Happily Ever After is just a fairy tale and only comes true in the movies.” 

Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at your life. Many don’t see the greatness in their own “story.” Let’s look at four ways to bring Happily Ever After into your life.


Let me ask you, what is etched on your heart about life?  

“What does the worker gain from his toil?  …I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.  That everyone may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all his toil – this is the gift of God…and will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it.”  –Ecclesiastes 3:9

How does healing happen within the human body?  Do you recognize these bromides: “Remove the interference and allow the body to heal itself,”  or “The body needs no help – it just needs no interference.” You’re all familiar with those, right? Guess what, doc; these apply to our lives and businesses, too. What interference is in your life that needs to be removed? What are the sources of interference in your business that must be eliminated before success can take root and grow? Let’s not forget what we tell our practice members over and over again: regardless of everything else they do for their health, until and unless they remove the interference – that is, correct the cause – all of their other attempts will fail.

Hey doc, it’s time that we heed our own recommendations. Miracles happen in our offices every day, because of an adherence to our philosophy and work. We see that removing the interference, and then giving support, can usher forth full potential. Guess what? The same strategy works in our own hearts, too. Listen to your heart and take action! Seek to remove the interference first and then let the show begin!

We all have a story. Many of us have several stories that have octopus-like arms that squeeze joy, happiness, and confidence right out of our very existence. Are your stories serving your abundance, or fuelling the areas where you’re lacking? It’s your choice to give yourself the gift of living in the present!

Go ahead…unwrap the layers and expose the gift that you are…stripped bare without the stories.

As you know, awareness always precedes change. Begin to notice what feeds you – what enhances your energy and what zaps it. Our state of being determines our success.  Acceptance, enjoyment, enthusiasm, passion and optimism are the states of being that allow congruence.

Your current situation was first created in your thoughts, then those thoughts took on form and became your reality. These skills are transferable. The same process that created your story can also be used to create a new story. The steps and elements of the process are the same. Therefore, you must first uncover what your story really is, and then set to work dismantling the old story while creating your new story. If you’ve trained yourself for the undesired…you can train yourself to live the desired. 

“My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failures.”  –Abraham Lincoln

Have you noticed that even in our darkest hours there are glimpses of hope? When those appear – grab a hold of them!  “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” said Albert Einstein.

When hope is gone, life gets boring and rather monotonous. Misery sets in, and to numb the misery we stay busy. We go overboard in many areas: overeat, overspend, overprotect our children. We’re a society that is in hyper-drive so that we don’t have to face the reality of our lives. We temporarily mute the “noise” in our heads and hearts by staying distracted – by retaining our interference. When there’s interference, there’s an excuse. If there’s an excuse, especially one that everyone else around us has grabbed hold of and believes, then nothing has to change. We accept the monotony and misery instead of stretching, reaching, and grabbing hold of those glimpses of hope and expanding them to become our reality.

Do you have a longing that life can be better? That’s hope! It can be better. The only thing standing in your way is…you!  This is great news because we have complete control over ourselves.  

Your Happily Ever After begins with your choice(s). And please know this: not making a choice is making a choice – it’s just unconscious and not from a position of strength!

“It is unfortunate when people allow themselves to get like concrete – all mixed up and permanently set.” –Author Unknown

Doc, choose to do something.  Strive for progress, not perfection. If you’re shrinking back under the excuse of certainty, I’m here to tell you – it’s a fallacy. Did you have complete certainty of what you would do when you graduated from chiropractic college? You took action anyway. Did you have complete certainty when you either proposed to your bride or when you accepted your husband’s proposal? You did it anyway. Did you have complete certainty when you gave your first adjustment? And what has your experience been? Are you thankful that you stepped out, even when you weren’t completely certain? Absolutely! You have made a lasting impact on the lives of thousands and you weren’t even certain when you began the journey. Pretty cool, eh?

I see so many docs living crummy results because they did make the choice to not choose. Doc, you’ve got nothing to lose!! You can always go back to where you are now. Choose to make bigger, more daring choices than you’ve ever made in your life. Ingest daily doses of Happily Ever After for optimum wellness. You’ll see what you’re really made of!

Begin your Happily Ever After today! Initiate the habit of listening to your heart so that you can look into your story, making it possible to grab hold of the hope to make a choice!

It’s time for your dreams to break through the walls that have been erected around them, so you can live your Happily Ever After.

barbaraDr. Barbara Sturm is the Head Coach and Dean of Achievement at She and her team help chiropractors and their support staff, worldwide, to achieve their practice goals.

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