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ICA Best Practices – Your input needed

Maria DiDanieli   

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September 5, 2008 – Arlington, VA – The comprehensive International Chiropractors Association Best Practices and Practice Guidelines document is undergoing the final weeks of its current phase of the review process.

The ICA-BPPG provide evidence-based suggestions for appropriate care of
patients seeking chiropractic care.  These ICA-BPPG guidelines have been
researched and developed to serve as a resource reference and to assist
practitioners by allowing them to practice based on the most current scientific
data available.  The guidelines development process has included a comprehensive
search of the literature and this guidelines document now needs your input as
a practicing chiropractor.

Your constructive feedback is a vital part of the guidelines development process.  You can have direct input to a
positive, inclusive and constructive process to
articulate practice-relevant and evidence-based guidelines for chiropractic
You can easily access the ICA-BPPG draft document through the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) website at, where
you can review the posted document and complete the straightforward survey
questions posted there.


Participation by practicing chiropractors in the field
help this important document reflect relevant input from practicing
chiropractors who actively care for patients.

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