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Royal Cross becomes “The Vitality Depot”

Maria DiDanieli   


19, Concord, ON –  If you have received your new “The Vitality
Depot” catalog recently, and are wondering “Who are these guys?”, the answer is that
The Vitality Depot is Royal Cross!

Cross has long been a name to trust in the chiropractic community, and, in the
last 15 years, has grown into one of the largest direct suppliers to the
industry across Canada.
Now, Royal Cross has announced that they are making even bigger strides. Royal
Cross has expanded into the U.S.
market, and has made some significant changes to provide even better service.
One of the most visible changes is that the division serving the chiropractic
profession has undergone a name change, and will now be known as “The Vitality Depot”.

What’s Changed? 


Better Value
By combining purchases with US partners, Royal Cross/The Vitality Depot
can often increase volume, reduce costs and pass the savings on to you. 

New Products
Combining US and Canadian operations means better negotiation potential
with global suppliers, to offer you products that are new, exciting and
exclusive to Royal Cross/The Vitality Depot in Canada. Examples for 2010 are a new
association with SpiderTech
ready-to-apply kinesiology tape solutions, and a new line of FreeQWireless TENS units. 

Private Label Products
– Royal Cross/The Vitality Depot’s
expanded purchasing power has
allowed them to “private label” many products. The company is striving to
create exciting packaging that maintains your professional image with your

New Website
The new Royal Cross/The Vitality Depot website will make ordering and
researching products easier. A new  “Sales
and Specials” section has been added, to allow you to take advantage of sales
online. The website is still in the process of expansion and development, so
check back often.

What’s the same 

Cross/The Vitality Depot is still 100 per cent Canadian owned and operated. The
company continues to focus on providing Canadian clinics with the best possible
pricing and world class service. 

One of
Royal Cross/The Vitality Depot’s greatest strengths, and a fundamental key to their
long-term success, has been the company’s uncanny ability to adapt and evolve
with the ever-changing face of the healthcare profession. In looking to the 21st
century, Royal Cross/The Vitality Depot  has
researched and introduced exciting new products and technologies at levels that
are unprecedented – even for them. 

So the
next time you're looking for Royal Cross, take a look at The Vitality Depot. The
Vitality Depot can be reached at the same 1-800-461-0100 number, e-mailed at  and found on the web at  
(Use DEPOT123 to
see professional pricing online)

allow everyone time to get accustomed to the name change, the Royal Cross
website, and e-mail listings, will remain open and functional.  However, please note that the “specials” and “new
products” will only be available through the Vitality Depot website.


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